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This group is dedicated to the Spiritual art of Shamanism and the Divine


About Us

The Earth Angel Project

A group dedicated to the spreading of goodwill and Angelic Energy. 

-Random Acts of kindness 

-Paying it forward 

Classes and Education


Responsible Magick 

Spiritual Steel 

Sacred Geometry 

Shamanic Energy Work 

Psychic Development

Shamanic Hypnotherapy  

Dream Interpretation 


Apprenticeship in Urban Shamanism 

The Divinity Is Eternal Center for Healing Arts

Shamanic Energy work 



Indigo Children Project

Earth Angel Project

Spiritual Coaching

Trainings, workshops and certifications


Past Life Regressions


A paranormal and psychic consultancy. If you have an issue which requires a metaphysical professional. Contact the consultancy . The name Videmus means "we see" in Latin. Call them at 571-969-5099

About Us

The Elders - Divinity Is Eternal - Keys to Your Soul

Marshall Frank Stormcatcher 

Heru Ankh Ra 

Dr. Mildred 

Shaman Alicia 

It takes patience, time and Spirit to be an Elder

Marshall Stormcatcher- Guardian and Spiritual Security Expert 

Heru Ankh Ra- Raw Foods Chef and Metaphysical Expert . 

Elders and more

Dr. Mildred - Psychotherapist, Master Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist and educator for more than 20 plus years. 

Shaman Alicia - Master Intuitive, Energy Arts Practitioner, Angelologist, Ordained Minister  and Teacher.  

Biographies and Services

Cartomancy as defined by Tarot and Oracle Cards.

The art of divining done with cards such as Tarot and Oracle card decks  provides illuminations for the client.  All practitioners at Divinity is Eternal have 20 years of experience. 

Shamanic Energy Work

It's time to feel rejuvenated and energized.  Experience energy in a way you have never felt before by using the mind, body and spirit connection to make corrections and attunements.  


Schedule an appointment for a Shamanic consultation today.  


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Illuminations on what to expect

Write to us about your experiences with one of our practitioners.  

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About our Practtioners

Marshall Frank Stormcatcher has over 25 years of experience.  He has conducted a multitude of readings in Tarot and worked professionally as a Tarot reader.  He is a Spiritual Security expert.   He is Guardian and teacher as well as an Elder. 

Shaman Alicia  is a third generation practitioner who works and teaches many metaphysical topics.  She has conducted thousands of readings and is a favorite in the Washington,D.C. area.  One of her passions is as an Energy Worker and Teacher.  She is a medium and a medical intuitive as well.

Her styles of readings include Oracle decks, Angel Readings, Auric Readings and Akashic Readings.  

Divinity Is Eternal School of Healing Arts

Trainings, workshops and certifications offered are:

Spiritual Quests

Sacred Journey Work

Life Purpose

Psychic Development

Urban Shamanism

Shamanic Hypnotheraphy

Shamanic Energy Work

Sound Healing

Dream Interpretation

Spiritual DNA

Tuition and class schedules TBA

The dean of the school 

is Dr. Mildred

So you wanna be a Shaman?

The School and Center for Urban Shamanism is focused and centtered in the heart of Shamanism.  Apprenticeship is not to be entered into lightly.  It is a calling.  This school mixes practical application and the art of constant study. 

All teachers have a plethora of experience and have no less than 25 years of experience in the Metaphysical Arts.

Interviews are coming up for all those that are interested in Questing to the Order of  Apprentice in Urban Shamanism

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