The Washington Metro Area

Metamorphosis for the Soul (202) 710-5602

This group is dedicated to the Spiritual art of Shamanism and the Divine

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Art of the Soul

Interpretation of Art is fromm the soul,  Explore your Soul through your expression of Art.  In the

A conversation headed up by Elder Frank Stormcatcher 

Spiritual Security 

Held on Jan 12- Alexandria Library  at 3 to 3:30 PM 

Don't forget your galooshes 

The Urban Shaman


Urban Shamanism 

The Cure for the World? 

Join the Elders as they discuss Urban Shamanism and how it will relate to all the world in the future. Jan 12th at 3:30 PM 

Alexandria Library Large Conference Room  

Shaman's Market


A new  way to shop all things metaphysical

Coming in the Fall of 2019

Elder Info Coming Up


We will feature upcoming interviews with each Elder,.  Stay tuned this should be fascinating..

Apprenticeship and Community


The community has spoken.  There are New Apprentices and a Senior Apprentice.  See their stories unfold.

Intuitive Development and Classes


Did you ever think you were intuitive?  

Intuitive development  

Hione your skills.

Special Events


Indigo Child: Blue Print for Parents

Raising an Indigo can be a challenge.  It’s a balancing act between the spiritual and the physical.  Expert Dr. Mildred and Shaman Alicia head up a lively discussion about the Indigo Child. Sat, Jan 12 at 2:30 pm In Alexandria, VA Beatley Large Conference Rd.  Address is 5005 Duke St in Alexandria, VA  Free to the public

Class for the Indigo Child: Blueprint

Announcing the class “Indigo Child” Blue print taught by Dr. Mildred who is a noted professional and mental health care professional. With more than two decades of experience she will teaching what every parent wants to know about their “Indigo Child.” Class date: March 10, 2019 Held in Greenbelt, MD. Time: 2PM to 5PM.  For specifics and registration see the website .  Cost is $100

Class for Urban Shamanism - The New World Order

 Listen to the Elders of Divinity Is Eternal as they teach the origins and the new world order of Urban Shamanism. This class is certain to be ground breaking. This discussion will be all the way live .  

and informative. Date of class March 3, 2019. Location in Greenbelt, MD. Class time from 2PM to 4PM See the website for more information  Cost: $75

Sacred Sounds

  APRIL 14 AT 4PM Held in Greenbelt,MD