The Washington Metro Area

Metamorphosis for the Soul (202) 710-5602

This group is dedicated to the Spiritual art of Shamanism and the Divine

Special Events

The Ankh - Its story and meanings

A discussion about the Ankh between ew Consigliere Diana and Elder Heru which talk about the very metaphysical meaning of the Ankh.  

Event held at Pagan Pride Day .  

The campus of George Mason at 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm (Swerten Hall Lawn)

Special assistance by addtional Elders .

Angels and there is Angelology

Dr, Mildred and Shaman Alicia  will head up a class  teaching about the wonderful study of Angels. Stay tuned for more info 

So you wanna be a Shaman?

Apprenticeship interviews for the School of Urban Shamanisn begin in November 2018, Contact an Angel for interest.

Did you say its all about the Energy?

The Shamanic Energy program will hold sessions on Oct 28, 2018 

The session will be held in Greenbelt MD 

To get on the calendar for an nergy treatment call 202-710-5602

Memorial Services will Be held

August 2018 was a month that shall be remembered as we lost our beloved Father Paul (Powyl) and former board member Michael Boney. We celebrate their passing on Sat Nov 3.  See website for further details.

The Shamanic Calendar

In 2019 we wil be introducing the Shamanic Calendar . To submit events we  encourage you to email us at